Saturday, September 16, 2006

In progress (no pix)

This is just a little text only entry to keep the blog updated. I am almost finished with my first red (and maroon and purple) scarf. I think the colors look great together. Just a couple more inches in red (and a few ends) and it's done. I did a lot of the end-weaving last night. Do you ever feel reluctant to finish a project? The scarf was such great mindless knitting, I will have to get/find some more red yarn for another one.

I'm also trying (again) Charlene Schurch's Class Sock to try and grasp the heel flap kind of heel. So far there's about an inch of ribbing (only 2 more to go, then the heel, it's a tiny sock.)

Lunch has arrived - tomato sandwiches on sourdough toast with Hellmann's mayo and a Tab - and the Yankees game is on so that's all for now. Can't wait to see Stephanie aka the Yarn Harlot at my local Barnes & Noble tonight!

Monday, September 11, 2006


When September begins, I almost dread seeing one of these clear,
autumn, blue sky days because that's what 9/11 was like. And today,
on the anniversary, the weather is identical. It's the kind of day
that makes you glad to be alive - cool (it's about 60F right now),
crisp - not too humid - with a hint of fall in the air but still warm
from summer. And I hate it.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Third Finished Pair

This is my third finished pair of socks - they're Grumperina's Jaywalker pattern, done in Regia Jubilee Sock, London colorway superwash wool/nylon. I finished them this spring, for my sister's birthday, then mislaid them. When they turned up again I thought I'd better send them off right away, but wanted a picture first. This is the pair where the toes turned out rather oddly (sorry!) and encouraged me to start making toe-up socks instead. Some people's Jaywalkers have ended up quite tight but these seem to be ok. Perhaps there's more stretch in this yarn. I knit both pairs sort of ongoing, one from the center pull end, the other from the outer end.

More knitting news - Mardi Gras Sock 1 is done! I ended up buying another skein of CLaudia's Purple Earth yarn to have as a spare. It's a different dye lot and though the colors are the same, the amount of each color is not (a lot more purple and dark blue in the new skein.) So - Sock 1 has Skein 1A for most of the foot and leg, and some of skein 1B to finish the leg. Sock 2, which has been started, has Skein 2 for the foot, I will switch to skein 1B probably for the heel and definitely for the leg.

And even more - the Lacy Prairie Shawl is almost done. I am knitting the top garter stitch border rows now. NO MORE PATTERN!!!