Monday, September 17, 2007

Long Weekend

I spent the weekend at my sister's in Pennsylvania, so we could both attend Knitters' Day Out, a great little one-day festival (also in Pennsylvania.) It's held at a small college and the day was really lovely with a few minor glitches.

High points - the hand-dyed laceweight yarn in blues and purples - we each got 1400 yards which should be enough for something! - the Lantern Moon totebag, of woven bamboo in teal and black - the Entrelac class where I actually feel I can now do simple entrelac - picking up registration materials with my sister and only having to spell our name once.

Low points - my sister's teacher for one class didn't show up and the substitute's philosophy was totally different - the iced tea at lunch was Raspberry! and Sweet! - my Platypus water bottle leaked in my knitting bag - no paper towels in the bathroom to mop up my knitting bag.

Other great things about the weekend - I saw my father and sister for the first time since my mother's death in April, and it was nice to see them comfortable together. My sister's cats were all adorable. I taught a private lesson in toe-up sock knitting and left my sister with a sock in progress.


*marci* said...

Alison -

Despite the lows, sounds like a lovely weekend.

My condolences, I hadn't realised your mom had passed away. Somewhere in the chaos that's been life this year, I guess I missed the news.

Thanks for visiting the new blog. I hope there's some good news from Brooklyn... I've not been keeping up with the MetroStitchers much lately.

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