Sunday, February 25, 2007

Interminable Socks

Yes, it's been a long time. No particular reason, just somehow not blogging. That's all about that!

I'm working on 2 pairs of socks (1 sock each so far) and both of them seem to go on forever. Since I work toe-up, it's hard to decide how long to make the legs. One could just go till the yarn is gone and that's sort of what I'm doing. One pair is just K2P2 rib all the way; the other is a Gull Wing lace pattern that I adapted from Barbara Walker. On that one, I have to leave enough yarn for 4 rounds plain plus a bind-off.

My friend Cynthia just started her blog and perhaps that's inspiring me to get back to it - who knows?


Cynthia said...

Happy to be of inspiration! I think I am cursed when it comes to knitting. I can't find the dpn needles I bought a while ago and I took another stab at the shawl I want to knit and had to rip it all out, AGAIN! Arghh!

Alison said...

Poor Cynthia, what you need is a Needle Case and a Knitting Bag. That's all that keeps my stuff from getting lost in The Midden.

MarciNYC said...

So glad to see you back in blogland again. Socks, eh? Pictures - we want pictures!