Sunday, June 24, 2007

Two Happy Dances

The first happy dance is for the Little House Blueberries which I finished today! Hooray! These are such nice little pieces to stitch, and a fun way to collect some Crescent Colours threads. My immediate reaction was to look for the other pieces I'd purchased, and I actually found them in the bag from the shop where I'd got them. I had to decide between Peaches, Watermelon, and Cherries and Peaches won. I got a good start, a center branch and a single peach. I had cleverly put the rest of the fabric that I used for Blueberries (Silkweaver's Sand evenweave) into the bag with the other patterns, so I cut the rest of it up and put a piece in each pattern zippy bag.

The second happy dance is for my partner who's been in the hospital for a month, recovering from a staph infection and pain problems. Today she was able to get herself out of bed, put on her own shoes, walk to the bathroom and back, and watch part of the baseball game with me from a chair instead of the bed!


DebbieJRT said...

I'm so glad that Viv is feeling better.

MarciNYC said...

Hooray for V! :) Hope that small step is the first of many.

Those Little House designs are cute! I like a lot of them - and just the perfect size, too.

Cynthia said...

Very cute. I think the peaches were a good choice for the next to stitch. I like the pear with bees, of course, watermelong and strawberries.