Sunday, July 30, 2006

Brooklyn has Beaches

I took Friday off (yay for summer three-day weekends!) and we went to the beach. This is a little tiny unofficial beach behind a rest stop off the Belt Parkway in south-coastal Brooklyn. Of course the sock went too as did the camera, so here's a photo of the Yankees sock. The leg has turned into spiral rib which was quite a lot of fun to knit! Viv is kindly holding up the sock

I have some vaguely beachy pictures to post as well (but really, if you've seen one beach...) The big kite is someone's parasail but there was hardly enough breeze to pull him along. We did see him moving once but mostly he was just standing or crouching in the water.

You can tell it's a Brooklyn beach because, although we did see a seagull and a tern, the birds on the beach in this picture are Rock Doves aka pigeons.

It's not an official beach - there are no lifeguards, swimming, wading, etc. are prohibited, but it's nice and not crowded for photographing and sitting and knitting.

And yes, that's me in the hat and sunglasses holding the sock!


jazzbiker said...

Lovely day, lovely knitting, lovely knitter! :)

M-H said...

I'd just spiral rib as long as you want it and cast off loosely, myself. Loved the summery beach pic!

Dave Daniels said...

My partner is from Brooklyn, and he's wondering which "beach" that is? And the sock looks great. But I LOVE the photo of you with the hat, and the reflection of the photographer in the sunglasses. It's a great shot.

Ann said...

I just ordered some of those stitch holders over the weekend! How do you like them?

I love the beach photos..too much fun!

jazzbiker said...
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jazzbiker said...


The beach is a rest stop just east of the Knapp Street exit on the Belt Parkway. It's got a tiny parking lot, a truck which sells snacks, a port-a-potty and a narrow beach looking into the very shallow water of the inland waterway. Most folks who go there find a place in the dunes and have almost total privacy. If you didn't know it was there, you'd miss it completely. :)

Alison said...

Ann - I LOVE the stitch holders. I have 3 sets and they're great, I can put the "spare" needle in with all the others instead of sticking it into the ball of yarn.