Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yankee Sock

The Yankees yarn was created by Dave at my request. I wanted a yarn that was navy blue and white, like the Yankees pinstripes, with very little carryover of light blue etc. In spite of living only a block from Fenway Park (or so), Dave came up with this marvelous yarn. I am knitting the sock as a toe-up from Wendy's pattern, and I turned the (short row) heel on Sunday morning. I decided to do the leg in a 2x2 rib for that athletic look!


Dave Daniels said...

Aw, that looks GREAT! It's hard to see, but it doesn't look stripey or that it's pooling too badly. I've GOT to figure out that heel turn, It's driving me crazy. Any pointers?

Alison said...

Dave - I work with about 30 stitches for the heel (half the total). Put the other 30 stitches on a piece of yarn for a holder. Now you work with only 2 needles of stitches. Knit the first row to the last stitch. Move yarn forward; slip last stitch; turn work; slip stitch back to empty needle; purl to last stitch. Slip last stitch, turn work, wrap stitch (yarn back.)
Use the instructions for the toe (after the cast on) for the heel. Keep track of how many you've slipped (I use check boxes) and then how many you knit working back out. Have faith!

Alison said...

Dave - I WANT it to be stripey, and it is (nice little pinstripes) but no, it's not pooling. Just a little white patch at the heel because of the short rows.

MarciNYC said...

Even though I'm not a Yankees fan (can we still be friends?), I do like the way the yarn makes this sock look. Heck, I'd even wear them. :)