Monday, September 11, 2006


When September begins, I almost dread seeing one of these clear,
autumn, blue sky days because that's what 9/11 was like. And today,
on the anniversary, the weather is identical. It's the kind of day
that makes you glad to be alive - cool (it's about 60F right now),
crisp - not too humid - with a hint of fall in the air but still warm
from summer. And I hate it.


jazzbiker said...

Me too, babe... me too :(

MarciNYC said...

I thought the same thing on Monday. *sigh*

Hard day for me, even out here in suburbia. Not sure how I would have handled it if I was still living in Bklyn.

I'm still seething over the fact that my cousin chose to get married on 9/11 -- 2005. It's definitely not a date I would chose for an event.

Sometimes I just want to close my eyes, wave a magic wand and go back to a time when life was more idyllic. *big sigh*