Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Toe

I'm going to a couple of crafting group meetings this weekend and felt the need to have another sock to work on. The Mardi Gras sock is almost up to the heel. In fact, I turned the heel and then tried it on but it was a little bit too short, enough to be uncomfortable, so I ripped it back to the foot and am knitting it a bit longer. But if I knit a lot at these meetings I'll need to turn the heel. And interestingly enough I'll have to decide which side of the sock to make the instep. Here are the choices - I call one Mardi Gras Purple and the other Mardi Gras Gold. I'm leaning toward the purple at the moment.

Now the short row heel (or toe) isn't hard. It just requires concentration and I check off each wrapped stitch as I go, so it's not a great thing for group crafting. So last night I started the second Yankees sock - here are a couple of pictures of the short row toe completed and ready for mindless knitting (it helps to have big feet, you get more mindless knitting time!)

I took some pictures last night and couldn't believe how blurry they were. This morning I tried again, and they wouldn't download to the computer. There was a message saying that the batteries were too low. So I've replaced them (for the first time) and the pictures look great. I wonder if the batteries were the problem.

Everybody stay cool and have a great weekend!


jazzbiker said...

excellent pictures!

Dave Daniels said...

Love the purple, but I'l liking how the gold side is looking. How about making a tube sock, then you can use EITHER side. And no heels?? Just a thought. lol
Gold. For sure.