Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finishing Some Projects

My afternoon has been spent (while watching the Yankees/Red Sox game)in assembling all these barrettes. I embroider them on perforated plastic for a good firm base, then glue the backs on. I'm fussy about the backs, my favorites are labeled "Made in France" and I have to go into Manhattan to get them, usually at Metalliferous. I have a bag of 12 dozen which I thought would last for awhile - except that I discovered that they're all the wrong size, slightly bigger than I use (the ends are visible beyond the stitching which I don't like.) The size that works is 3 1/4" (80 mm) and my stash is of course 3 7/8 (97 mm).

However I had enough to finish off quite a few that had been waiting. This one is a new Anchor pearl cotton with metallics. Some of the other threads are Eterna silk twist and Caron Watercolours.


Anonymous said...

New York has conquered the East! Subway Series here we come!

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Alison

So now I have found your blog. As a mere male the subject is a bit technical for me, but I am glad to see anyhting that encourages the use of wool!

Cheers from a dessie

Jim Belshaw

Jim Belshaw said...

Alison, thank you for visiting my blog and for the link on the Australian wool you brought. It was interesting and I thought repeating here in case it was of interest to your other readers -

Alison said...

Thanks Jim. I plan to post more on the CashWool when I get a picture of my skein.

Anonymous said...

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