Monday, August 14, 2006

Road Trip

We gathered for a road trip to Connecticut on a beautiful Saturday morning (who said "the only trouble with mornings is that they come so early?") Our stops included Sudberry House's annual (and final) garage sale where we loaded up on frames, boxes, and other wooden objects to display needlework. Then we proceeded to Yarns Down Under, a really fine (and well concealed) yarn store where sock yarn was found in abundance (I got some Schaefer Anne, some Regia Bamboo, and some Step with jojoba oil.) We ended up at a former LNS owner's place, where she generously offered us a sale on her inventory. The result - here's the trunk!


Dave Daniels said...

I LOVE Sudberry House! (I've had my eyes on a few of their shaker items.) That is one serious haul you made.

May Yan said...

wow... nice.
damn I miss the road trips :)

Alison said...

Dave - this is the last Sudberry garage sale, I hear they may be outsourcing their stuff.

May - we miss you on the road trips too!