Monday, August 14, 2006

Not Just Knitting

Which is why I called this blog "Brooklyncrafter" rather than "Brooklynknitter." One of my other crafting pastimes is counted cross stitch. I've been neglecting it for knitting but on a recent trip to Maryland I found a piece that called to me. Of course it's huge, it will be 26" wide by 20" high (just the design) when finished. It's from a new designer, Ink Circles, and this one is Garden Stars. With my friend Carol's help we swapped out the DMC for various overdyes (Needle Necessities, Weeks Dye Works, Gentle Art Sampler Threads.) Here's as much as I've done:

The nice part about this piece is that it's composed of many distinct motifs so I can get the satisfaction of finishing one part at a time. After I looked closely at the chart I decided to go wild and use even more greens so I've added some Old Willow and Crescent Colors threads, as well as some Atalie threads that were just sitting around in a box. The fabric is one of Wichelt's new hand-dyes, Chai Tea Jobelan - it's a pale green with some pale brown mottling. I do have to use my portable light so it's not that easy to pick it up and stitch.

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MarciNYC said...

Alison - that's really pretty. I went over to the designer's site to check out more. I like, but... what is the chart/graph like? B&W? Colour? I like it and could see it worked in different colourways too.