Wednesday, August 09, 2006


11:30 pm - Tonight I unknitted several rows to get back to 213 stitches (row 2 of the pattern.) Then I knitted a row and did row 3 of the pattern which should have been 215 stitches. It wasn't. It was 214 stitches. I went to the beginning of the row and counted off the pattern stitches - I'd missed a yarn over about halfway through the row. So I unknitted to that point, reknitted the row - 215 stitches. This is good, except it's where I started last night. Anyway I'm ready to do row 1, maybe tomorrow. The earrings really help in counting, I hook one on at every 50th stitch.

This shawl is showing me how much my concentration slips. In past rows I have missed yarn overs; I have dropped stitches; I have knitted 4 instead of 3 in the pattern. And yet at the time I felt like I was paying attention! Of course the longer the row gets, the easier it is for my mind to slip away for just a second also.


May Yan said...

I know how fustrating something like this can be. I've knit some items with 400+ stitches in one row and not only is it painful to just about sit for half hour to get one row done, it's easy to miscount. I find ring counters (like earrings) help a lot. I also tend mark every 50 as well and recount the last 50 every time I get to a new marker. Painful, but worth it especially when it saves me from frogging it and redoing....Good luck with it. I'm sure it'll work up well really soon.

jazzbiker said...

Is that row 1 as in THE END?